Piccola storia di un grande amico
New updated and expanded edition

This is the little story of a great friend, a dachshund named Orazio who lived by my side for some years of my life. He had remained only at the age of four and I had adopted him fulfilling a friend's wish before his death, but I would have done it anyway, because I had known him since he was a puppy to which I had immediately become attached.
It is certainly not an extraordinary story, but not even entirely ordinary because the first part of the existence of the little dog had been quite eventful and its special character had made the one lived with me non-trivial.
Only he was extraordinary, choleric, arrogant, spoiled, but also immensely sweet, intelligent and very fragile.
In him I had found a faithful companion in a very sad moment of my life and with him I had managed to overcome him. Then, on our existence, his illness had broken down and I had accompanied him until the day he left me.
No part of this little story is the result of imagination, every word of it is dutifully true.

The author 

Gerardo Unia è nato a Cuneo nel 1950. Con Orazio - Piccola storia di un grande amico pubblica il suo ventiduesimo libro.