La Mosca Cieca



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La Mosca Cieca

Rome, Regina Coeli prison: 1 January 1982

Davide Galanti, a failed journalist, is serving the final days of his sentence. Intelligent and kind, he has stood out in the prison so much so that his cellmates often ask, “How did such a man run afoul of the law?” It all began twelve years earlier with a book found on the dusty shelves of an archive. A manuscript containing odd words with no apparent connection: “train ... masche (women with transformative and supernatural powers in Piedmont folklore) ... witches ... fires ... murder ... fascism ... a fascist regime-appointed mayor ... mystery.” His curiosity peaked, Davide started reading the manuscript.And thus began an evil game, a blind turn in the darkness.

The author 

Ermanno Giraudo was born in Cuneo in 1965. He is the author of the historical novel Isacco e le tredici stelle di David (“Isaac and the 13 stars of David”) published in 2011 by Araba Fenice. In 2014, his children’s book Toni e Katia nel Far West (“Toni and Katia in the Far West”) was published by Primalpe. La Mosca Cieca was a finalist for the 2014 Premio Letterario Nazionale Giovane Holden in the unpublished novels’ category.