Il prete di Verrua



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Il prete di Verrua

Disgrazia o suicidio

An episode of the news, which had been lost in the mists of time, is the event on which the author develops his new novel. The story, set in the early 900, follows the story of the protagonist, a young priest, son of the rural world, which runs through his short and dramatic life from Verrua Savoia Karst plateau. Reading the story, which mixes Italian, Piedmont and other dialects, you plunge into the atmosphere of that environment and culture of that time, and seems to feel the smell of hay and flowers, the humidity of the woods, the lowing of cattle, the simple converse of the common people, but also the roar of cannon and the whistle of bullets. The main protagonist is love, motherly love, fatherly love and love between a young man and a young woman, love as a source of joy becomes tragedy. Love: delicate and sensitive thread that links men.

The author 

Ugo Vittone was born in Verrua Savoia in 1952. The strong bond with his country, to which the protagonist of the political and cultural life, led him to add in his novels. A political science graduate, who is a professional industrial manager; collaborated in the creation of local newspapers and written articles in newspapers in the area. He has published, for the types of Edizioni Angolo Manzoni, in 2007, “La contessa di Verrua e il segreto della Maja Vestida” and in 2011 “Il fattaccio di Verrua Savoia e il quadro di Pelizza".