L’altra faccia dell’angelo o la mummia turca



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L’altra faccia dell’angelo o la mummia turca

A stubborn hunting by a coroner from Turin, passionate scholar about ancient human remains, in search of the brilliant inventor of a fake Persian mummy. A long journey to mythical places, to remote sites of Anatolia, on the historic streets of the Hittites, Darius and Alexander the Great, in the hope of finding not only the forger but an answer, perhaps from a Sibyl or a revived oracle, for giving rest to inner struggles. Finally, the fatal match that will change his life.

The author 

Mario Bianco lives in Turin and in Montemagno (AT). He's been a teacher, a designer and a technical manager for the GAM of Turin about twenty years. Painter and writer also, he has been the subject of twenty solo exhibitions and participated in many collective exhibitions across Europe. He has published three novels, many short stories in anthologies, two essays about San Salvario and Turin with Graphot Editions. He has llustrated many covers and several books, including his recent tales "Letti a undici piazze".