La finta



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La finta

A novel filled with eroticism. An imbroglio of cultural diplomacy. A campus novel Italian style – and a web of seduction and deceits, between Seville, Spain, and an Italy which is as stagnant as it is self-satisfied and not that clear.

The author 

Martino Marazzi (Milan, 1963), teaches Italian literature at the State University in Milan, and has been Visiting Professor at NYU and Fellow of the Italian Academy at Columbia University in New York. This is his third book of fiction after La fine del Purgatorio, and Filogenesi (both with Sedizioni, Milan: 2008 and 2010). Among his latest essays, a volume on Dante under Fascism and in the U.S. (Danteum: Firenze, Cesati 2015), Voices of Italian America (Fordham UP 2012), and A occhi aperti, on the cultural and literary dimension of Italian migration (Milan, FrancoAngeli 2011).