Fanciulli di sabbia



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Fanciulli di sabbia

Fanciulli di sabbia is the debut novel by Lorenzo Muratore, meditated and wrote, come down to the present day, after some vicissitudes, for more than a "situation". They are told adolescence and the inner life of the character of Gabriele in the middle years of the last century. The pages of Muratore, as well as for the content, count, however, especially for the precious nature of a language whose archaisms reveal flaming neologisms, as has been noted by one of the few, authoritative, readers of its pages so far unpublished.

The author 

Lorenzo Muratore was born in Ventimiglia in 1941, writes all his life, but as his countrymen Francesco Biamonti and Elio Lanteri began publishing only a few pages in his later years: the anthology La mela di Newton (Gallino, 1998), in Over-Age. Apocalittici e Disappropriati (Transeuropa, 2009), where the story came out Madagascar, with the plaquette Pitture nere e altre immagini. Studio sui romanzi di Marino Magliani (Eumeswil Arti Grafiche, 2010), illustrated by  Rita Elvira Muratore.

Fanciulli di sabbia is his first novel, whose opening words was partly anticipated in 2011 on the third issue of  “Atti impuri”.