«Una espressione letteraria»



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«Una espressione letteraria»

L'Italia in versi da Petrarca a d'Annunzio
a cura di Matteo Di Gesù

Should we decline the occurrences of the 'Italy' theme in the Italian literary tradition with manic diligence, we should probably envisage a borgesian result: almost the whole of Italian literature is concerned with the issue of the nation though in different ways and measures. More reasonably and more modestly, this anthology offers a selection of poetical works that have contributed to the codification and the transmission of a notion of 'Italy' we still have to deal with today, though with some difficulties. From the vast repertoire of lyric poems devoted to the nation, we have chosen to select some of the least known, except for those we consider essential (Petrarca's, Leopardi's, Mameli's...). The anthology is divided into three sections organised according to a diachronic order (from the fourteenth to the twentieth century); each section is meant to highlight three frequent significant motifs: the mourning for Italy, the literary description of the "bel paese", the exhortation to a political and civil redemption.

The author 

Matteo Di Gesù is a Senior Lecturer of Italian Literature at the University of Palermo. He is the author of the books L'invenzione della Sicilia (2015), Una nazione di carta (2013), Il carattere degli italiani, vol. I and II (2012/2014), I paralleli (2009), Dispatrie lettere (2005), Palinsesti del moderno (2005), La tradizione del postmoderno (2003), as well as of several articles in academic journals and book chapters; he is the editor of Letteratura, identità, nazione (2009). He regularly writes for the Sunday literary supplement of «Sole 24 ore» and for other online and print newspapers.