Racconti svizzeri



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Racconti svizzeri

a cura di Gian Paolo Giudicetti

The contemporary swiss literature is very diverse and, in view of the jagged up, the narrative is probably the most interesting genre. Among the writers of the three main linguistic regions of Switzerland there are some common denominators, due to a culture and Swiss perspective that unites them more than the language divides them: be, for example, residents of a small town surrounded by large states, animated a mentality influenced by direct democracy.

This anthology offers a course of nine long stories ranging from literature mountain opening international (and even Asian, the last text). It is, for the most part, very well-known writers at home and unfortunately not all as well known in Italy: Étienne Barilier, Jacques-Étienne Bovard, Claude Darbellay, Pietro De Marchi, Anna Felder, Charles Lewinsky, Bruna Martinelli, Adolf Muschg and Giovanni Orelli.

The author 

Gian Paolo Giudicetti was born in Bern in 1975. Scholar of Ariosto (Mandricardo e la melanconia, Peter Lang, 2010), of Italian literature of the '900 (La narrativa di Giuseppe Antonio Borgese, Cesati, 2005; Le città e i nomi. Un viaggio tra le Città invisibili di Italo Calvino, con Marinella Lizza Venuti, Nerosubianco, 2010) and swiss literature (Scrittori svizzeri di oggi, Salvioni, 2004; La poesia della Svizzera italiana, curato con Costantino Maeder, L’ora d’oro, 2014).. He teaches Italian and French at Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule Davos.