Lettere alla Assente



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Lettere alla Assente

Note ed appunti
a cura di Domenico Calcaterra

In Lettere alla Assente (1904), book of effervescent colloquialism, Luigi Capuana performs a practice, fragmented and highly personal art theory, gravitating on two basic assumptions: the sincerity and the life-giving role in the artistic creation, the imagination. Only through them, and less any ideological superstructure, you can recognize art as a living thing, an expression of life itself; helpful, the writer (and no less to the reader), to reveal the problems of the human soul.

The author 

Domenico Calcaterra (1974), has a PhD in Italian Literature and visiting lecturer at the Department of Ancient Civilizations and Modern University of Messina. He works with several literary magazines including "L’Indice dei Libri del Mese". Among his recent publications: Il secondo Calvino. Un discorso sul metodo (Mimesis, 2014); Lo scrittore verticale. Conversazione con Vincenzo Consolo (Medusa, 2014).