I due doni e altre novelle orientali



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I due doni e altre novelle orientali

a cura di Milva Maria Cappellini

Leda Rafanelli (Pistoia 1880-Genoa, 1971) was a tireless writer, publisher, political activist, passionate of Arab culture and the esoteric arts. Muslim and anarchist, feminist and anti-war, anti-conformist to the provocation, Leda loved the East, its civilization and its peoples: if his youthful trip to Egypt remains a mystery, his daily habits and his oriental tales - of which It presents a choice here, placed mostly in the thirties - testify to his antagonist Orientalism, his conscious choice to not only tell the Arab world in terms of all those opposed to the crude nationalism of the time, but also to make of 'East as a concrete alternative to living in a world dedicated to the values ​​of profit, conquest, oppression.

The author 

Milva Maria Cappellini lives and works in Pistoia. She was involved in lexicography, educational publishing and Italian literature, particularly nineteenth-twentieth century and contemporary. She oversaw, among other things, texts of Giovanni Boine, Renato Serra, Geno Pampaloni and Gabriele d’Annunzio, who has also dedicated critical studies. For his care, in these editions it appeared in 2010, the unpublished novel of Leda Rafanelli Memorie d’una chiromante. Among her recent work, an essay on the publisher Barbèra (La rosa dei Barbèra, Giunti, 2012) and the annotated edition of the tragedy dannunziana La Nave (De Ferrari, 2013).