L'occhio fotografico: Naturalismo e Verismo



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L'occhio fotografico: Naturalismo e Verismo

a cura di Giorgio Longo e Paolo Tortonese

Between 1839 and 1840 born Zola, Verga, Capuana and photography. The coincidence registry among the great realist-naturalist and technique that has revolutionized the modern image is not a mere anecdote. The three writers belong to the first generation that has seen it grow in the photographs, which experienced a world represented not only through the traditional methods of painting, but also by setting automatic light footprint. Grew up in this new dimension of the real, also they belong to a school of thought that has made literary fidelity to the real flag. Still, even for them the truth of literature must be something other than the direct transposition proposed by the photographic plate. But for them, as for all modern, you can no longer ignore a harsh confrontation and tight with the black and white photography. Often photographers themselves, he was always fascinated by the new displacing the old balances art, realists and naturalists were among the witnesses more careful of photographic revolution.

The author 

Giorgio Longo was born in Palermo, lives in Paris and teaches at the University of Lille 3. Comparative literature scholar, it is particularly interested in the spread of Italian writers in France, and is the author of numerous essays on realism and on the Sicilian writers.
Paul Tortonese teaches French literature in Paris, Sorbonne Nouvelle University. He has published essays on different aspects of nineteenth-century literature: romanticism, naturalism, fantasy literature, but also on the history of the theories of representation.