La scrittura che pensa: saggismo, letteratura, vita



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La scrittura che pensa: saggismo, letteratura, vita

con un saggio introduttivo di Gabriele Fichera

«Sometimes, the Essay is forced to wear the clear face of truth over the several masks of invention» (from the preliminary pages of Gabriele Fichera).

La scrittura che pensa: saggismo, letteratura, vita is a collection of essays arising from the University of Liège, which puts on this troubled eventuality, this generous hazard.

A team of eleven literary critics is in a chase for eleven literary essayists who embody this dangerous experience on the border between life and Literature, History and thought, for almost a century, from 1929 to 2015.

Emilio Lussu, Alberto Savinio, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, Salvatore Satta, Natalia Ginzburg, Franco Fortini, Cesare Cases, Leonardo Sciascia, Angelo Maria Ripellino, Luigi Baldacci, Emanuele Trevi are investigated by a group of scholars, who tried to be a team in a sharing mood of mutual support: Cadoni, Curreri, Dalmas, de Leva, Di Gesù, Fichera, Jossa, Mura, Onofri, Tanda, Traina.