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Ordine di insurrezione: Aldo dice 26x1

La Liberazione compie 70 anni
Marina Verra

Men who had already supported other battles, old alpine bark and hard-hearted. They went on to fight, two thousand meters, with a patched blanket, a piece of bread and cheese in his pocket and a machine gun. So really, I think, the people makes its wars, leaving tridents and plows without any higher taxation, when he feels in himself the ideals that give you the will and the strength to fight. For this force and on behalf of those ideals the villagers have left our examples we commuoveranno always, have earned the right to be mentioned among the best fighters of the liberation war. [...] Perhaps in the distant future, someone else will be in a townhouse alpine copying some edict of a CLN or a comic partisan. But for the one who will have in his hands it will not be a surprise or object of wonder, no, because these facts, these pages of glory and suffering, freedom and heroism, as long as there are beings who have pride to be called men, not to be forgotten again. Aurelio Verra

The author 

Marina Verra has a degree in Philosophy, she graduated in singing at the Conservatory. She is a music teacher in the Middle School. He edited volumes L'odio distrugge soltanto le pietre and L'ottavo assedio.