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News in the series “le golette”

September 23, 2015

News in the series “le golette”

Una goccia d'ambra nella neve di Fabrizio Catalano

In a small town of glory buried, very cold and polluted, the inhabitants of which bears the anguish of an ecological disaster, meet a woman with charm and eerie mysterious past, Sylvabel, and a lonely boy, sensitive, Andreas. The first seems to sense the approach of a tragedy; the second live with deep unease the relationship with his father, a usurer, and with his mother, who eats at him a incestuous desire. It is the last day of December; the region is about to hit a storm that - it is rumored - elsewhere has already caused death and destruction. Morbid atmosphere, as the final solution, hovering over everything and everyone. Hate is the only true God, and those who did not worship it must be punished. Therefore, when the father of Andreas is assassinated, the whole city is unanimous in condemning the one who does not obey the rules of others, the ancestral scapegoat, the Witch: Sylvabel. And, with it, freedom.